Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Montague Dawson

Montague Dawson - Racing Home: The Cutty SarkThe webmaster at Cameradio has kindly sent me information about the painting of Cutty Sark I posted last Monday (title link). The artist was Montague Dawson (English painter 1895-1973) and the painting is called Racing Home: The Cutty Sark. To read a brief biography of Montague Dawson, CLICK. To see more of his beautiful maritime paintings, CLICK. Thanks, Dave.


At 16/3/10, Anonymous Nick Starace said...

I would appreciate advice on how to obtain permission to use the Cutty Sark from Montague Dawson's painting, Racing Home-The Cutty Sark, on the cover of my book, White Sails Became Me: Memoirs of a Seafaring Heritage.
Thank you.
Nick Starace

At 16/3/10, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Nick

I guess you need to contact the estate of the late artist; the links here will help you find it. If not, try searching Google.

Another thought: the Royal Maritime Museum at Greenwich has a huge collection of such paintings. You could try the museum for a similar painting and permission to use it.

At 16/3/10, Anonymous Nick Starace said...

Thank you Coxsoft Art for your comments - much appreciated.
Nick Starace

At 17/3/10, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

You're most welcome.


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