Monday, 16 July 2007

Homer Simpson & Giant

Homer Simpson meets the Rude Giant in Dorset (2007)This has got to be the art news story of the week, and it's only Monday. Today, the 180ft club-wielding Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset - England's best loved fertility symbol - found himself with a new companion: a doughnut-waving Homer Simpson in underpants. Prude! It's a shy publicity stunt to promote the Simpson's movie, due for release later this month. Pagans are furious. They've sworn to perform "rain magic" to wash Homer away. I doubt it will require much magic to get the heavens to open on Homer's Y-fronts.


At 17/7/07, Blogger Dorothea said...

"...a doughnut-waving Homer Simpson in underpants. Prude!

What I like about this juxtaposition is that it (completely inadvertently, I assume) illustrates the stark contrast between traditional masculinity and the ineffectual, ball-free, "new man" that is the kind we're allowed now.

As for the humourless "pagans" fretting about a bit of biodegradeable paint, they need to read and digest more of the Ulster Cycle. That's some paganism from the British isles!

At 17/7/07, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Absolutely. It's a sad age when the nearest we can get to a fertility symbol is Homer Simpson in Y-fronts!


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