Saturday, 29 September 2007

Andrew Gosden missing

Andrew GosdenA fortnight ago, South Yorkshire schoolboy Andrew Gosden, aged 14, skipped school, withdrew at least £200 from his bank account and took a train to London. His worried mother and his sister are now putting up posters outside London tourist attractions in hopes of finding him. He likes museums and science, so the Science Museum in South Kensington should be top of his visiting list. If you see him, telephone the police. Andrew, if you happen to read this blog in an Internet café or a library while researching places to visit, go to the nearest police station and discuss whatever family problems you may have. London is a dangerous city and your money must be running out.


At 26/3/08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ive put you on my Bebo missing peoples site Andrew. Nothing is so bad that it cant be solved, could you at least phone your mum? If youre still in London, stay safe. Centrepoint have a hostel for under 16s but you'll need to go to the police or social services to get there.

At 27/3/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Thanks for that info.

Let's hope Andrew reads this and heeds it.

In a recent post I suggested he at least send his mum a Goth Easter card. In fact I did one for him last week.

Somebody sent me a link for a Goth search engine, but it seemed limited to ads for Goth things.


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