Monday, 10 September 2007

Boycott Portugal Pic

I.C. - Boycott Portugal (2007)The UK gutter press has got to work. Today's headline in the Daily Express screams the Portuguese Police lie: "We can prove parents did it". Did what, for God's sake? Had their daughter abducted. I'm beginning to understand why Portuguese law bans its Keystone Cops from making public statements. They're beyond mere incompetence; they're complete idiots. Do you know why they named Robert Murat their first "arguido", apart from the fact that he's British and therefore fair game? According to the Daily Mail's David Jones, Murat has a "glass eye" and a "vaguely uneasy manner" and a fellow reporter "felt there was something suspicious about him and told them [the Police] of her concern"! That's all it took! Whether you have a glass eye or not, you're welcome to use my graphic. Why not send it to Jacqui Smith?


At 10/9/07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The British are disgusting!
Why do you think the portuguese police sad that?
Be racional, please!

At 11/9/07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know Portugal? The people, the culture, the laws?

A very english quote
We do not covet anything from any nation except their respect - Churchill.

from Portugal
no google account

At 11/9/07, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Because they're prejudiced idiots. Look how they treat Brits with glass eyes and parents who've had a child abducted. Their prejudice against Brits screwed up this case from the outset. If that isn't an excellent reason for our tourists to boycott Portugal, what is?

They seem to be in denial that Portugal has its home-grown child sexual abusers. Bad for tourism! In Holland, when a similar scandal blew up, they found that senior police officers were implicated in child abuse. It wouldn't surprise me if that were also the case in Portugal. It's another motive for blaming foreigners when a child is abducted.

Look how quickly British police caught that pervert who abducted a little girl from her bath, raped her and dumped her naked in an alley. They didn't declare the mother a suspect because she'd stepped into the kitchen for a moment. And they didn't run round in circles looking for a foreigner with a glass eye!

Is "racional" how they spell it in Portugal? I take it you're not an anglophile.

At 11/9/07, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

"...And their curries" to complete Churchill's quote for you.


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