Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Paddington & Marmite

Paddington Bear with Marmite Sandwich (2007)My foreign readers may have difficulty believing this, but the biggest art news story in the UK at the moment is whether Paddington Bear should have been allowed to eat a Marmite sandwich for a TV commercial! Paddington fans are outraged, and his creator Michael Bond has appeared on BBC London TV News to reassure them that Paddington is just trying out this Marmite sandwich and will continue to keep a marmalade sandwich under his hat. Phew! Relief! Did you know that Marmite is a British yeast extract that is 100% vegetarian, kosher and so rich in vitamins that Bovril bought the scum off the top to enrich its beef cubes? Marmite is one of the best health foods on the market. One dab makes the tastiest gravy you've ever had. All this is what those overpaid twerps of advertising executives have failed to tell you for decades.


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