Tuesday, 18 September 2007

An Honest Judge!

Madeleine McCannThe stench of corruption surrounding Portuguese detectives is so pervasive that I was beginning to wonder how high it rose into the Portuguese legal and political systems, but it seems the insane case against Kate and Gerry McCann reached an honest judge. Yesterday's Evening Standard reported that Judge Pedro Daniel dos Anjos has rejected the police request to have the McCanns brought back to Portugal for further interrogation (CLICK). Today's Daily Mail (title link) expands on the story with a slight change of name for the judge: Pedro Anjos Frias. (I know these foreigners have funny names, lads, but try to get them right.) Judge Pedro (?) has ruled that the evidence against the McCanns is too flimsy to demand their return to Portugal. Thanks for confirming what we all knew, Pedro. The Mail also reports that the McCanns' legal team has decided to become "pro-active" and investigate police attempts to character assassinate the McCanns. Excellent move! But a first step. The appalling case of Leonor Cipriano warrants closer scrutiny (CLICK). The £80,000 earmarked for a new Find Madeleine campaign would be better spent on hiring a team of private detectives led by an ex-CID officer who worked on Operation Orchid.


At 18/9/07, Blogger transfattyacid said...

would you care to elaborate on what proof you have regarding corruption in the Portugese Police?

No I thought not.

At 19/9/07, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...


Check out the graphic of blackened eyes I posted on Sunday, then click the links to see the original photos on the Mail on Sunday website and read the full story.

Honest cops don't spend 48 hours torturing the mother of a lost child in order to extract a false confession of murder from her. (N.B. no corpse found.)

The message that conviction gave to the local community was "Don't complain too loudly about your missing children or we'll do the same thing to you!"

The inference I take from such a message is that those cops are up to their necks in something a lot nastier than fabricating evidence. Wait and see....


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