Sunday, 21 October 2007

Asterix the Gaul

Albert Uderzo - Asterix the Gaul © Les Editions Albert Rene/Goscinny-UderzoDid you know that Asterix the Gaul is 48 years old? He still looks a perky little chap, despite his team being knocked out of the Rugby World Cup by Britannicus ... er ... Anglo-Saxicus? BBC's Magazine (title link) has published an interview with Asterix's co-creator Albert Uderzo, who still does all the artwork as well as the stories. Rene Goscinny, the writing half of the duo, died 30 years ago, but his name continues to appear in the credits out of "respect". The 33 Asterix comic books have sold 325 million copies. So here is one of the world's most popular artistic creations. Whatever happened to Wulf the Briton?


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