Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Rubbish Find For Sale

Rufino Tamayo - Tres Personajes (1970)This garish piece of junk - Rufino Tamayo's Tres Personajes (Three People) 1970 - was stolen 20 years ago by some tasteless thief who presumably couldn't find a buyer for it. So it ended up on a pile of rubbish in a New York City street four years ago. Along comes Elizabeth Gibson, perusing the rubbish as you do, and she spots it. Aw gee, that's a powerful piece of rubbish! I would have left it where it was and missed out on the $15,000 reward that Elizabeth will receive when the daub - worth up to $1m (£488,000) - goes under the hammer next month.


At 27/10/07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to laugh because I agree with you - I would have kept on walking. I guess one should never just keep walking when they see a painting sitting in the trash.

At 27/10/07, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

I guess the answer is to check whether it's a print or an oil painting. If it's a print, it's probably safe to leave it in the rubbish.

Mind you, there are hand-coloured prints and signed limited-edition prints....


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