Tuesday, 23 October 2007

UK Badgers Threatened!

British Badger (not a painting, but a Victorian stuffed specimen)Yesterday's shock news that Prof. David King, Government's Chief Scientific Adviser on badger culling, is advocating giving Brock the chop has brought a sharp retort from the Badger Trust (title link). The Prof's idiotic recommendation flies in the face of the Independent Scientific Group (ISG) report on TB in cattle, published last June (CLICK). The unanswerable fact that proves the Prof. has abandoned scientific methodology in favour of becoming a mouthpiece for the farming anti-badger lobby is that the Republic of Ireland has virtually exterminated its badgers, yet has twice the incidence of TB in cattle that we have in the UK. I appreciate that British farmers have had a very bad year, what with floods, foot-and-mouth disease and bluetongue, but an orgy of badger killing won't help. Prof, resign!


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