Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The Art of Makeup

Ingrid Marie Rivera (2007)We tend to ignore makeup as an art form, because we're surrounded by amateurs who make a pig's ear of it; but Achievement in Makeup is a category recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in the shape of an Oscar. (Name this year's winners!*) Coxsoft Art hesitated before reporting this saga of skulduggery among beauty queens in Puerto Rico. Here's the victim, the lovely Ingrid Marie Rivera, whom nobody can accuse of having made a pig's ear of her makeup. Some evil philistine adulterated Ingrid's makeup with pepper spray, in hope of forcing her to withdraw from the contest. She didn't. She soldiered on, despite attacks of the hives, using ice packs between appearances, and won the show to become Puerto Rico's candidate for Miss Universe 2008. Good for her.
(*David Martí and Montse Ribé for Pan's Labyrinth.)


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