Monday, 19 November 2007

Police Mascot Too Pink

Police Mascot PCSO Steve (2007)Not the world's greatest piece of art, but that isn't the reason police mascot PCSO Steve has been banned. He's too pink for London. He'll be replaced by PCSO Sunita and a couple of other non-pinkos at a cost of £15,000 to the Metropolitan Police. This isn't the silliest piece of political correctness to emerge from the boys in blue today. Media regulator Ofcom has rejected police claims of distortion against Channel 4. Its Dispatches' Undercover Mosque showed a nine-months investigation into Islamic extremism, filming imams doing their loony and extremist thing at various UK mosques. Instead of arresting the extremists, West Midlands Police complained to Ofcom about the programme (CLICK)!


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