Wednesday, 19 December 2007

How To Photo Art 2

Bikini-clad Girls Viewing Art in Vienna (2005)In 2005 a photographer at the Leopold Museum in Vienna went one better than posing an attractive young woman in front of a painting. He found two wearing bikinis to flank a nude study. The occasion was the opening of The Naked Truth, an exhibition of erotic art. To encourage people to get their kit off, the museum allowed naked or scantily clad visitors to enter free. I understand Sir Nick Serota is seeking novelties for Tate Modern and so far hasn't taken me up on my idea of recreating Amsterdam's red light district in the Turbine Hall.... (Note: some Philistine cropped this photo too tightly, so I had to widen the image and restore the girls' bottoms by hand ... er ... mouse. Anything for art.)


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