Thursday, 17 January 2008

Arts Council Show!

Mark Titchner - Something Plastic to Fight the Invisible (2001) © the perpetratorI'm embarrassed to put the above tripe on my blog as "art", let alone as British "art"; but I owe it to my fellow tax-payers to show them what sort of rubbish the Arts Council wastes our money on. Only a week ago I wrote "ACE has wasted a fortune in tax-payers' money on statues that are never put on public display, presumably because they are so awful that it daren't let the public see them" (CLICK). Well, I was wrong in one respect: ACE dares! However, this dross is being opened in Margate - an old-fashioned south-coast holiday resort - in winter, when few members of the public and no art critics are likely to see it. Smart move. Art lovers and tax-payers, demonstrate outside the Turner Contemporary Project Space any time this bilge is on display: Nature is a Workshop selected from the Arts Council Collection, 28 February to 1 June 2008.


At 18/1/08, Anonymous Jon said...

... because, of course, art should never be displayed outside of London, perish the thought. What a ridiculous thing to suggest - whilst the show might not attract as many visitors in Margate, the town has every right to house it. Well done Margate.

At 19/1/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Jon

You missed my point. And it's ACE you need to argue with, not me. I suspect that ACE is burying this tripe in Margate in the hope that few members of the public and no art critics will see it. I understand that over the years, ACE has collected enough tripe to fill Tate Modern's Turbine Hall and then some. If it wants publicity for its collection, that's where it should put it. (Tate Modern is the second most visited tourist attraction in the UK. Blackpool is top!) If it doesn't want publicity, opening in Margate off-season is a fair choice. No reflection on Margate.

If you want to find great art outside London - there's a lot of it about - visit Norwich Castle Museum for a wonderful collection of watercolours by John Sell Cotman.


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