Saturday, 19 January 2008


Photo showing Yedoensis in progress plus insert of the artist: Ayomi Yoshida (2008)This week the Northern Illinois University Art Museum (CLICK) opened its Rotunda Gallery to reveal Ayomi Yoshida's Yedoensis (cherry blossom). It's one of those installation thingies. As art it isn't original; Japanese artists have been going bananas over their cherry blossom for centuries. As wallpaper it won't last much longer than the real thing, because each blossom was hand-printed on a one inch square of rice paper. (Try dusting that lot without stripping the walls!) What fascinated me was the ongoing blog which shows the team involved and the work as it progressed. If you fancy designing an installation thingy, click the title link. The show lasts until 7 March, providing nobody sneezes!


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