Wednesday, 20 February 2008

EEG Games Playing

Emotiv Systems Epoc™ Neuroheadset 2008 (gamma adjusted)If you want to know why you can't read the text of half the websites you visit nowadays, here's the answer. Developers use BIG screens to save their vision and to hell with ours! But this isn't the reason for showing you Emotiv Systems' employee Tan Lee groping her monitor. She's wearing the new Emotiv Epoc™ Neuroheadset, which is a cheap version of an electroencephalograph (EEG) machine. The new wonder headset measures neural activity without technicians, scalp-scratching or dollops of gell and is designed for the games market. All you need is the headset and a dongle (don't ask; it plugs into your USB port) and away you go. No need to strain yourself waggling your mouse or jiggling your joystick. Just think "Zap that alien" and Poof! You reckon the obesity epidemic can't get any worse? Shopping, Mum? Think "baked beans". Every little helps. I only hope the headset spots when a player is brain dead and switches off his computer to save power. £150 ($299)? A snip.


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