Thursday, 21 February 2008

Livesey Lost

Sorry, Kids. You Lost.Yesterday's full meeting of Southwark Council voted to close the Livesey Museum for Children on 29 February. BBC News managed to find a propagandist for Communities and Local Government who claims there was no need to cut services as next year "Southwark Council will benefit from a 2% increase in core funding". If you accept Government's fiddled statistics, inflation is running at more than 3%. So a 2% rise in funding for councils will be another shortfall. The reality of inflation at my three local supermarkets is far worse than Government claims: prices of basic food items have risen by 10% since Christmas! Recent energy increases have been around 15%. So Government is lying through its teeth when it claims 3% inflation. Gordon's war on London's councils and English culture will be even more destructive in 2009.


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