Sunday, 23 March 2008

Spam Warning

Spam Viagra Pill GraphicIsn't spam a pill? What makes it worse is when you notice that one of the spams was sent from your own e-mail address! Panic! Is my PC a spammer's slave? I checked. No. This is how it appears to have happened. I belong to a number of social networking sites. I don't like them and don't bother with them unless somebody sends me a message. Two months ago I received a friendship request from a pretty girl in a stetson. I accepted. Her name is Erica. I became suspicious when two more requests from girls named Erica turned up, one of them in a raunchy pose in knickers. Life isn't that good to me! On visiting the website, I found a message warning me against accepting X as a friend, because X sends everyone in your social network spam. My Coxsoft Art e-mail address isn't compromised, only my private address. Be warned: social networking sites aren't secure. Set up different e-mail addresses for different sites. Then you'll spot the one using your own e-mail address to send spam.


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