Sunday, 23 March 2008

Vista® News: SP1

Two hopefuls scanning the horizon for Windows Vista® in 2006This morning's Easter blizzard in Greater London allowed me to catch up on a news story I skipped during the week: the release of Microsoft's Windows Vista® Service Pack 1. Get this. If you download SP1, it's 65Mb. If you wait for the automatic update in mid-April, it'll be a gargantuan 434Mb! Sounds like a complete rewrite. But don't all rush at once for SP1. Before you download it, you need to install patches for what Microsoft calls "problematic" drivers. These include some security software and The New York Times Reader. So, incompatibility issues still aren't resolved. It looks as though our best bet would be to wait for Windows Panorama 2010. (That's a panorama in the Microsoft advertisement, not a vista.) So why are all the computer manufacturers pushing Vista®? It makes you wonder if there aren't some sneaky deals going on to promote Microsoft's white elephant. Click the title link for a BBC review of the Vista® saga plus pertinent links.


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