Wednesday, 19 March 2008

China Warriors Protest

I.C. - Free Tibet (2008)"Eco warrior" Martin Wyness has been at it again. Last October he put face masks on two of the Chinese Terracotta Warriors on display at the British Museum in London to highlight China's CO2 emissions (CLICK). He was banned from the Museum for life, but yesterday he got back in and he and Mark Trepte hung placards on two of the warriors, such as:
Not very artistic, so here's my placard for the cause: Free Tibet. Stick it on your website, Martin, if you have one. As for the placard "Boycott the Chinese Olympics", why pick on China? Let's all boycott the Olympic Games permanently. Their main purpose is to make fat cats richer by grabbing the burger concession or whatever. And let's not forget that Adolf Hitler was so miffed by the poor showing of his "master race" at the 1936 Berlin Olympics that he began World War II.


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