Saturday, 24 May 2008

Christie's Bids A Koons

Jeff Koons - Balloon Flower (Magenta) 1995-1999 © Christie's Images LtdIt looks as though London's top auction houses are trying to outbid each other for the attention of billionaire Philistines. First Christie's bid a Bacon on its Post War and Contemporary Art sale due on 30 June (CLICK). Sotheby's countered with another Bacon up for grabs on 1 July (CLICK). Now Christie's has upped the stakes with a Koons. Here it is: Jeff Koons' eye-catching girlie nonsense in chromium stainless steel with mirrored polish finish and transparent colour coating Balloon Flower (Magenta) from his 1995-1999 period ... er ... epoch? Over to you, Sotheby's. (Thinks: will Roman Abramovich be in a mood to buy "art" after his team ballsed up a penalty shootout in Moscow?)


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