Monday, 19 May 2008

Radical Light at NG

Emilio Longoni - Reflections of a Hungry Man or Social Contrasts (1894)If Norman Rockwell had been an impressionist, I think he would have painted works like this: Emilio Longoni's Reflections of a Hungry Man or Social Contrasts (1894). This is quality Impressionism with a social conscience, far removed from those fuzzy French daubs which grabbed the limelight. It is one of the exhibits in Radical Light: Italy’s Divisionist Painters 1891-1910, which opens at the National Gallery's Sainsbury Wing on 18 June and continues until 7 September. This is the first of a series of exhibitions brought about by a deal between the gallery and Credit Suisse. So why is admission so expensive? £8 isn't cheap, and £7 for silver surfers is diabolical (87.5%) unless they visit on Tuesday afternoons, 2.30-6pm, to gain entry for £4.


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