Sunday, 18 May 2008

Afghan Modern Art

Abdul Wasi Hamdard - Untitled PaintingThose doctrinaire Muslim vandals the Taliban did enormous cultural damage in Afghanistan, because they regarded virtually anything but mosques and the Koran as unislamic. However, art is tentatively re-emerging. Turquoise Mountain - a foundation dedicated to supporting local Afghan arts and crafts - has with the support of a local businessman put up a $2,000 prize for contemporary art. Abdul Wasi Hamdard (untitled painting above) is one of the 10 shortlisted artists. Another is a 14-year-old Afghan feminist who thinks marriage is death to women: Sara Nabil. (Only if you marry a religious nutter, Sara. If you marry an affectionate atheist who knows how to make love, marriage could be a lot of fun!) Click the title link to view Sara's entry, among others.


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