Saturday, 21 June 2008

Komodo Dragon Wins

Model Levi painted by Carmel McCormick (2008)Meet Levi, modelling for a double x 3 win at the recent New Zealand Body Art Awards in Auckland, theme Welcome to the Jungle. Make-up artist Carmel McCormick won the top prize - the North Shore City Supreme Award - for the second year running (Double No 1) with her Komodo dragon, and her model Levi won an award for best performance by a model (Double No 2) after spending the evening on all fours with his tongue sticking out! Or is that a false tongue? Carmel, please let Coxsoft Art know. Carmel also tied with herself to win the New World Victoria Park Hand Painted Body Art Award (Double No 3). Congratulations. Click the title link for all the winners and an online gallery.


At 23/6/08, Blogger Levi said...

That's my own tongue! ;p
I just used blue food colouring.


At 23/6/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Levi

Thank you very much for contacting me with this information. I was bursting with curiosity. It makes your own award all the more deserved. Crawling about on all fours must have been bad enough, but sticking out your tongue too. I'll bet your jaw ached!

I'll do an update post later today.

Congratulations again.


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