Monday, 28 July 2008

Top 1000+ Sculptures

Unknown Artist - Unknown StatueCan you name this statue and its sculptor? I've been viewing My Top 1000+ Sculptures Of All Time, Robert Mileham's online collection of favourites (title link) and found a request for information on this delightful bronze statue. Despite the Ionic capital, which suggests ancient Greece, I suspect it's relatively modern, because the sculptor has made no attempt to glamorize his model in neoclassical style. She's slumped in a natural, unflattering pose with tummy folds showing. Any ideas? Please post a comment if you recognize it.


At 6/8/08, Blogger Robert said...

Thanks Ian, I am still at a loss here!

At 6/8/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Robert

I was going to get in contact with you, in case somebody had left you an answer without posting a comment on my blog.

The column rising out of the water makes me think of the lost city of Atlantis, but that doesn't help.

It's frustrating. I keep coming across unknown statues in some park or housing estate somewhere which have been posted by a holiday maker without noting the artist or name of the piece. "My holiday snap of a statue in Germany." For Goodness' sake! Who made it?

I really liked that statue of a boy on a gravestone on your 1000+ blog. Terrific young face. Have you the artist's name? And who is buried there?

At 7/8/08, Blogger Robert said...

Do you mean no 79 in which he is writing on a stone?
I have the same problem; it is frustrating and I am starting to put the name of the artist when I name the file. I'll look it up for you but I am not certain I have it.

At 7/8/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Robert

Yes, 79 it is. The lad seems to be scratching on the grave. It suggests some literary figure is buried there, Mark Twain or the like.

When I visited 1000+ I noticed a lot of the photos had no titles. I assumed this was because you couldn't be bothered to do all the work entailed. I know it can be a hard slog tracking down all the names and dates accurately.

Some of those statues are very famous, like Michelangelo's David, others obscure. I'm sure I can name some of the unnamed ones for you, but didn't want to waste time if you already knew them.

Any chance of a list of ones you don't know?

At 8/8/08, Blogger Robert said...

Probably take for ever but yes will email them to you in due course!


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