Monday, 4 August 2008

Berlusconi The Vandal

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo - Time Unveiling Truth (ca 1743)What type of monster did the Italians elect? Prime Minister Silvio "The Vandal" Berlusconi couldn't tolerate being upstaged by Truth's breasts, which tended to creep into camera shot whenever he gave press conferences in front of her. (Oh, those naughty Italian cameramen!) So an aide with a paintbrush has literally drawn a veil over the errant boobs. Sacrilege: daubing Tiepolo's masterpiece Time Unveiling Truth (ca 1743) because Truth's mammary glands are more photogenic than Boss Berlusconi! I hope everyone perceives the symbolism of The Vandal allowing Truth to be covered up.
(NB: the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston claims to own Tiepolo's Time Unveiling Truth. Twaddle. It isn't even a bad version. It's a different painting, and I doubt that Tiepolo had anything to do with it.)


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