Friday, 31 October 2008

Sarah Maple

Sarah Maple - This Artist Blows Poster (2008)Sarah Maple's first sole exhibition This Artist Blows opened a fortnight ago at the SaLon (sic) gallery in Notting Hill, London (CLICK). Today it hit the news (title link). Muslim nutters have smashed the gallery window, have made abusive phone calls to gallery staff and have emailed death threats against Sarah - a beautiful 23-year-old Muslim - and her family, because they object to piglets! What gutless bullies those fanatics are! "Islam is peace!" Cobblers. I haven't forgotten Islamic criminals smashing windows in W.H. Smith's and Central Library in Ilford 20 years ago, because they objected to Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses being on display. Licence-payers please note that BBC News daren't publish the piglet poster; instead it put Sarah's life at risk by posting her photo! Barring further lunacy, the exhibition continues until 16 November. Lovely portrait, Sarah; very dignified. I wish you the best of British luck.


At 1/11/08, OpenID marranci said...

Who knows why, I am not surprisd about these attacks, I would have been surprised if the usual violent imbeciles whom for ‘feeling to be Muslims’ need to show their small brains and alleged big muscles, would have spoiled this tasty occasion for gifting us with their anti-social behavior.
Yet I have to say that I do not like this artist work and I wonder how much the use of controversy about Muslims is not again a claver way to reach success.

At 1/11/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Marranci

I had noticed that Sarah has been labelled "the new Tracey Emin", which suggests she likes to shock people, but I haven't seen enough of her art to make a judgement. The example I posted shows talent, and it's more artistic than an unmade bed. Now that's she's achieved notoriety with her Muslim piglet, we'll all be wondering what she'll come up with next. If the nutters don't get her first, that is. She's playing a dangerous game.

At 4/11/08, OpenID marranci said...

well, I have seen some of her works, included a video where she spend time in giving a blowjob to a paintbrush hold by a man near his pubic area.

Hence, I am not sure about the "the new Tracey Emin", whom sometime has quite brilliant ideas (even if provocative or on the limit of vulgarity). But I think that Maple needs more time to find her own real artistic identity. her production is quite confused in my opinion.
I agree with you that she playing a dangerous game exactly because there are imbeciles ready to attack whatever they can, for any excuse, Islam or not.

The majority of Muslims in the UK, however, or they do not care about it or even they like some of her works (like the woman in hijab with the 'I love orgasm' badge).
have a nice day :-)

At 4/11/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Marranci

I saw her I Love Jihad photo on your blog, and I'm sure you're right: she's thrashing around in all directions at the moment. Shame, because I'm sure she has talent as a painter. The trouble with the art world is that it's the self-publicists, who do daft things, who gain fame and fortune. In this sense, she's doing a Tracey Emin and a Damien Hirst.

Have a nice day yourself.


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