Sunday, 26 October 2008

Banksy Work To Go

Banksy - One Nation Under CCTV (2008)Westminster City Council has ordered the removal of Banksy's 23ft-high mural One Nation Under CCTV, which I showed you in April (CLICK). Reason? The Council doesn't want to encourage graffiti. It has a point. The mindless yobs who paint slogans on walls cost local authorities and their council-tax payers a fortune. Most graffiti is simply litter up walls, unsightly and pointless. Still, it's sad that Banksy's cheeky mural should be sacrificed for the common good. You still have time to visit Newman Street and wave it goodbye.


At 27/10/08, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am selling various prints by:

Banksy (DiFaced tenner) and others
Sick Boy
Faile and others.

If you are interested, Please email me at


At 27/10/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

I'll allow you one advert, but not two.

Are these authenticated prints or just your downloads? There are a lot of Banksy fakes on the Internet.

At 28/10/08, Blogger Balhatain said...

How much does street clean up cost in the UK? There is a site that shows how much for the US. It is in the billions per year in the US.

At 28/10/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

I have no idea what the total cost is, but I'm sure it's big money. Local councils publish the figures in their budgets. We have a dedicated railway police force in the UK: British Transport Police. They seem to spend most of their time chasing taggers in sidings and railway depots (the yobs like tagging trains) and that must cost millions.

Occasionally a tagger falls under a train. One less! Then Mum moans because her little darling was running away from the police when he fell under the train!

It would be a good idea to publicize the total cost of clearing up graffiti. Maybe the public would be more inclined to report taggers if they knew how much it was costing them.

At 28/10/08, Anonymous Jaromir Svozilik said...

Banksy = Robin Gunningham

At 29/10/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Jaromir

No, it doesn't, not even Cunningham. That was a daft story spread by the Daily Mail. I covered it. Later I read that the Cunnigham named by the Mail was dead.

I covered that story and a lot more about Banksy. I published his real name yonks ago, as well as a grainy photo of him at work. Type Banksy into my Blogger search box and see what you find. Start from the bottom of the page and work your way up. You'll be an expert on Banksy by the time you get to this latest post.

At 30/10/09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The so-called "modern" architecture, advertisements, state propaganda posters, bloated concrete offices and multi-coffin stacked skyscrapers -- that's not mindless littering?! How much money do your councils spend on designing, manufacturing and distributing insulting threats to its citizens which they call "raising public awareness", put up next and in line with cesspools of corporate spam, that has infected nearly all possible space, channel, network or means of exchanging information, turning the city and every aspect of our daily lifes into a landfill. While saluting this you bark on teenagers who disregard the state-corporate notion of public space, and pat Banksy on the back at the same time? Congratulations, you are a fully qualified modern citizen!

At 30/10/09, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...



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