Sunday, 16 November 2008

Antiques Roadshow £1m

Antony Gormley's Model of Angel of the North plus Coxsoft's Art Tutor AngelThe well-publicised secret of the first object to be valued at £1m on BBC One's Antiques Roadshow was revealed this evening. Don't all groan at once! It's a model of Antony Gormley's Flasher of the North (1998). For Goodness' sake! What makes a model of that tosh worth £1m? Here's the model beside my Angel for Art Tutor eight years earlier (1990). I published the first Angel graphic on a shareware diskette Flights of Fantasy in 1989. Ever own an Atari ST, Gormley?


At 17/11/08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What makes it worth 1 million is only that everyone is told it is so important. It's an investment not a work of art.

Very dispiriting.

At 17/11/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

True. Another case of the Emperor's Clothes.

Visit the Wallace and Gromit website (my latest blog, title link) for the best of British art, and cheer yourself up.


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