Sunday, 23 November 2008

Little Dorrit

Claire Foy as Amy Dorrit (2008)I'm hooked on Little Dorrit, the BBC One serialisation of Dickens' novel. I'm so completely hooked I'm watching the Sunday omnibus editions as well as the twice-weekly episodes! A treat to look forward to on TV: unbelievable! The two leads - newcomer Claire Foy as Amy Dorrit and Matthew Macfadyen as Arthur Clennam - underplay their parts perfectly, leaving a host of strong character actors to ham it up as befits Dickens' OTT caricatures. Macfadyen surveys them all with a slightly bemused expression, likable yet with a touch of Victorian pomposity, while Claire manages to convey repressed emotions with a glance. Her gaunt beauty suggests deprivation, and her make-up artist and hair stylist have played to that look. Direction: best I've seen since David Lean's classic adaptations of Oliver Twist and Great Expectations. Sets, script, lighting, casting, music; all immaculate. If this series doesn't garner top awards, the judges should be drip-fed with an infusion of art.


At 24/11/08, Blogger Robert said...

Here here or is it hear hear? Not being flippant, I thoroughly agree! Still musing over the Titian, I have marked it out of ten for and ten against with critique, just a bit short of time at the moment.

At 24/11/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Robert

I think it's "Hear! Hear!"

Glad you agree.

Titian? I still dislike that little girl's tiny head on a middle-aged woman's body.

Did you see my posts on the Christie's and Sotheby's Victorian auctions coming up in December? Great British art for sale for a pittance in comparison with that £50m the duke wants for the Titian. Waterhouse, Grimshaw....


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