Thursday, 15 January 2009

Czech 'Art' Con

David Cerny - Entropa detail: Bulgaria as squat toilets (2009)With recession looming ever larger, wasting public funds on junk masquerading as art is crass; but this is what the Czech Republic did to celebrate holding the EU presidency for 6 months. It commissioned a pile of plastic-looking junk - sorry: a new art installation - to be erected in the European Council building in Brussels. To add to its stupidity, it allowed itself to be conned into thinking it was commissioning works of art from 27 European artists. It wasn't. The perpetrator is Czech joker David Cerny. To add insult to injury, the joker's junk - Entropa - lampoons national stereotypes, which have infuriated some EU members. Bulgarians are up in arms that their country has been depicted as a series of squat toilets (for Muslim Fundamentalists)! The sooner Britain gets out of this EU cowboy outfit the better.


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