Friday, 6 February 2009

New PC Has Arrived!

Dellâ„¢ PCIt's here! Swoon! Coxsoft Art's new Dellâ„¢ PC, made in China to my exact specifications, arrived this afternoon, the day it was due! I told the burly delivery man I was amazed it had arrived on time, considering Britain has been shivering in blizzard conditions, schools have closed and half the population couldn't make it to work. He shrugged it all off. "We get through anything." That's the stuff! (It wasn't the GPO.) I daren't open the boxes yet, because I know I won't be able to resist plugging, screwing, unscrewing, screwing some more and powering up, and I've got a lot of files on my old PC that need sorting out first. Abnormal service will be resumed as soon as pos.


At 7/2/09, Blogger Lennard Grahn said...


Wil there be a rivival of your dabbling with graphics software now that you have a powerful state-of-the-art machine at your disposal?...

At 7/2/09, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Lennard

I doubt it for three reasons:

1) A lot of the graphics I did were for software programs I wrote. If I needed a chess set or a dragon guarding her eggs in a cave, a drew them. The software market is too sophisticated nowadays. Whole teams of artists work on them, so a one-man shop has no chance.

2) I have tried a host of graphics packages and the only one that I took to was Degas Elite on the Atari ST. I could do virtually anything I wanted to do with that brilliant software and it was so easy to use. You could have 8 graphic screens running at the same time and just flick between them to cut and paste from one screen to another. And everything was done from one menu screen; a key press took you to a complete graphics screen with no menu at all, just your picture and nothing else. A right mouse click took you back to the menu or to another of your screens. It has never been bettered.

3) The big graphics packages are too expensive. I use only freebies.


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