Monday, 2 February 2009

Rabbit's Illusions 14

Rabbit - JzloRabbit's Illusions has gone all Islamic this month with The Light Calligraphy of Kaalam. While Kaalam's pictures are pretty, they do nothing for me except demonstrate the tyranny of Islam over art. Muslim artists are so scared of offending the high priests of Allah that many of them create nothing but calligraphy. It's safe. Painting anything else - especially the human body - risks having your head chopped off. So Islamic calligraphy is the art of fear. And what does it say? "Kill all infidels"? I won't risk posting messages I can't read. So here's one of Rabbit's own light paintings, borrowed from the same issue: Jzlo.


At 3/2/09, Anonymous Rabbit said...

Whoa, I would have put a better pic up if I knew you were going to feature it.
Cheers my friend from the land of the bankrupt.

At 3/2/09, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Rabbit

Not one of your best, I must admit. Is she supposed to look like Miss Piggy or was that a happy accident?

All the pundits reckon the UK is going to be the country hardest hit by recession. So it looks like we're the land of the bankrupt.


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