Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Heist Anniversary

Govaert Flinck - Landscape with an Obelisk (1638)Today is the 19th anniversary of the theft of thirteen artworks from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, USA. To mark this anniversary the museum has reiterated its assurance of a $5 million reward and complete confidentiality for anyone who comes forward with information leading to the return of the stolen artworks in good condition. The stolen works include Rembrandt’s only known seascape Storm on the Sea of Galilee (1633), which is on the FBI's most wanted list, Vermeer's The Concert (1658-1660) and the painting above: Govaert Flinck's Landscape with an Obelisk (1638). Click the title link for more information. To view 12 of the stolen artworks in a pdf image sheet (3.6 megabytes!) CLICK. Why do they do it?


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