Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Stolen Bronze Horse

Dame Elizabeth Frink - Bronze HorseHave you seen this horse? It's a rare bronze statue by sculptor Dame Elisabeth Frink, worth about £200,000. It was stolen from the grounds of a house in Lingfield, Surrey, on the night of 8/9 April. The police have only just released this information! Why? Why? Why? Giving the thieves five whole days to melt this sculpture down for the value of its bronze is completely insane. Next time get the news out fast, Plod. It's too late now.


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At 20/4/09, Blogger Kay said...

We had two bronze deer stolen from our garden in Dormansland, (only a mile from Crowhurst Road, Lingfield), last week, probably on Thursday 16th April. Thieves drove across fields to gain access to our back garden. The deer were not of great value but it would appear that thieves are targeting bronze statues in the Tandridge area. Police have been informed.

At 20/4/09, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Kay

I'm sorry to hear that you have had your bronze deer stolen.

There was a spate of such thefts around London a couple of years ago. The thieves even stole a monstrous Henry Moore bronze Reclining Figure, which required heavy lifting gear and a flatbed truck to shift! Only one of the stolen works was ever recovered, no thanks to the police (it was dumped in somebody's back garden).

The thieves melt the sculptures down for the high value of their bronze. Once done, the evidence has vanished. This is why I was critical of the police for delaying 5 days before publicizing the theft of the bronze horse. Plenty of time to move it to a furnace, melt it down and sell the bronze. Job done!

My suspicion - politically incorrect though it might be - is that these mobile thieves are gypsies. Once they've plundered an area, they move on.

Chains and a concrete base don't deter them. They cut the chains! Infra-red cameras and burglar alarms fitted to statues are probably the only way to stop them. The police are useless. All they did in London was advise people to take their bronze statues indoors at night!

I hope your deer were insured. I don't believe you will see them again.

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