Friday, 29 May 2009

Art News Trivia

Anish Kapoor's Yellow; Marmite Jesus; Tracey Emin's Trauma Time, embroidered blanket (2009)Those darlings of the Brit. Anti-art Establishment, Anish Kapoor and Tracey Emin, are in the news again. On the left is Kapoor's Yellow. Yes, we can't argue with that title. Tin of boot polish? You can see it in the Royal Academy of Arts from 26 September until 11 December (CLICK). Why bother? The crude junk on the far right is Tracey Emin's embroidered blanket Trauma Time (2009). "Emin bares all in new exhibition" yaps BBC News. Panting in excitement it points out that the highlight of the show, which opened today, is a film animation of a woman masturbating. Voyeurs will find this tripe at the White Cube Gallery, Mason's Yard, London, until 4 July. It's called Tracey Emin: Those who suffer Love (CLICK). And the one in the middle? A family of religious nutters claims this is a portrait of Jesus they found inside a Marmite cap (CLICK). Looks like Che Guevara to me.


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