Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Coxsoft Art Update

George Rennie - Cupid Rekindling the Torch of Hymen (1831) 3 viewsToday I finally got round to updating my neglected website, which has been on hold while I explored my new wonder PC and transferred files from my museum piece, such as WS_FTP_95. Yes, it still works after 14 years! I've added a freshly combined graphic to my What's New page: 3 views of Cupid Rekindling the Torch of Hymen (1831) by Scottish sculptor, later Member of Parliament, George Rennie. Despite appearances, which strongly suggest that Cupid would do anything for a lick of Hymen's ice cream, this statue symbolizes what politicians call "family values". Hymen was the Greek god of marriage, the protector and guardian of fidelity. When love needed rekindling, Cupid blew on Hymen's torch! That's the myth, anyway. Rennie's fine neoclassical marble statue is back on display in the V&A's Sculpture Court, well lit and you can see it in the round. Click the title link to view the full graphic.


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