Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Paradise in Plasticine

James May et al - Plasticine Plant (RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2009)The RHS Chelsea Flower Show, which opened to the public today, invariably produces some interesting art. In fact one can safely write that there is more art in Chelsea this week than there has ever been in Tate Modern. BBC Top Gear presenter James May has stirred up controversy this year with Paradise in Plasticine, designed by James May, Chris Collins, sculptress Jane McAdam Freud and Julian Fullalove with additional advice from 3D Studios' modeller Paul Baker, who creates "foodscapes" with Carl Warner (CLICK), and with help from schoolchildren and Chelsea pensioners. All the plants and insects in this garden are made of Plasticine. A prize is doubtful - about a third of points awarded is for the plants -, but surely the designers must receive an honourable mention for sheer cheek. (Click the title link for more photos.)
Update: James and his team were awarded the first ever NHS Plasticine Gold Medal.


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