Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Dragon's Den Art

Three Dragons with Guy Portelli (the one trying to look like an artist) 24/6/09BBC London News was at the VIP Cocktail Reception for Guy Portelli's Heart Throb: the golden age of the pop icon, which opens to the public tomorrow at the Mall Galleries in London (title link). Three of the Den's dragons were also there to explain why they backed Guy's project to the tune of £80,000. Lack of other lucrative investments and fun appear to have figured in their thinking. Even dragons need fun! Guy Portelli's sculptures took a back seat to the interviews, so I can't say much about them. His show is supplemented by works from the likes of Sir Peter Blake RA, Terry O’Neill, Albert Watson and Karl Ferris. Admission £2.50, concessions £1.50, ends 3 July. Er....


At 30/6/09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its so sad to see so much time and money thrown at such a mediocre sculptor when there is so much real talent around, the work is as shallow as the investors who have no idea what good art work is. There are so many young really talented sculptors around who could benefit from a 10th of the help. I read some where that the dragons felt this guy could be the next Damien Hurst !! Are they joking or do they really know absolutely nothing about the art world !!

At 1/7/09, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

I suspect both: they are joking and they know nothing about art. However, they do know business. If you throw enough money and publicity at a project, it might sell. But £60,000? That's what they're asking for one of those sculptures!

What little I glimpsed of them between the interviews didn't impress me. Lumpy, pointless and garish sums up the work.

It is amazing how many businesses throw money at rubbishy "contemporary" art, rather than at quality traditional art. The BP Portrait Award is one of the good ones, although I didn't agree with this year's winner.

At 6/9/09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How great it is for people to condemn efforts of others without actually bothering to going to have a look at the exhibition themselves..and working out what a lot of reserach went in to it all..Where is your list of talented sculptors and what are you doing to help promote them? I don't think Mr Portelli would want to be the next Damien Hirst - one is enough.

At 6/9/09, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Why bother when it's shown on TV and looks like rubbish? Life is too short and distances too long to visit every art exhibition in the country.

What do I do to promote good sculptors? Try Robert Mileham in my search box or Brenda Naylor or click on the "ceramic artist" in my sidebar links.

At 24/1/13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please ask the best gallery in the nearest largest city near you.
and you shall get only this answer about establishing what good art is.

The question of "good" or "valuable" art isnt based on how well executed or its physical properties.

A piece of art in the "real art market" weather emerging or not is; How relevant is it? (it is based on historical relevance.)

This means that it is difficult to know unless you get a contemporary cross reference of lets say at least.. the top ten out of 100 most "historically respected" amongst peers artists.

(Which are easy enough to locate 20 galleries in the world can supply you with each their top 5. =100. cross reference to get the top 10 across board asking the favorite ten from each those 100 artists.)

Otherwise its like asking a small child to point out a master ball player out of a random street crowd, at a random location any man that claims to have just tossed a ball around masterfully with no aim, during no game.

At 24/1/13, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

This is gibberish. Try to get your facts sorted out before you comment. For a start, my blog is called London Art News. Guess why.


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