Monday 10 August 2009

Pope Art?

Surely I mean Pop Art. No, it's Pope Art, not by the Pope himself, but by Federico Solmi. It's his Crucifix from The Evil Empire (2007) showing a cartoon Pontiff with a strawberry Cornetto poking out of his loincloth. Frederico was charged with obscenity and blasphemy and his crucifix confiscated. Last month, judges in Bologna gave these charges the raspberry. Their judgement is worth noting. Although they admit this twaddle is "undoubtedly provocative ... that does not exclude its conduciveness to the notion of a work of art". I think "notion" is the operative word here. Work of art? Purely notional, my dear Coxsoft.


At 14/8/09, Anonymous Crucifix said...

Crucifix must be from Holy Land and then it will have a real power.

At 14/8/09, Blogger Unknown said...

That's the myth. Selling holy relics, like bits of the cross or bones of Christ, has been a scam that's been going on for centuries. Nowadays Muslims are being conned into buying holy water from Mecca that's been bottled in East London, straight out of the tap. I'm afraid religious folk are easy prey to scams of this sort.


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