Sunday, 6 September 2009

Hitler Art Auction

These three watercolours by aspiring artist Adolf Hitler have been sold at auction in Nuremberg, Germany, for a total of £37,000: from left to right, Haus mit Bruecke am Fluss (1910), which fetched £6,000, Weissenkirchen in der Wachau (1911), which fetched £21,000, and Zerschossene Muehle (1910), which made £10,000. Click the title link for the BBC News item. To view the Telegraph's gallery of Hitler's paintings and sketches, entitled Fine art and the Führer, CLICK. Young Adolf was twice rejected by the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and told he should study architecture, not painting. So he designed the Third Reich instead! Could this be why art schools accept so many mediocre artists and teach them how to peddle tripe? "Don't reject the clot, Principal, or he might start World War III!"


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