Sunday, 11 October 2009

Ghost Forest II

This is an artist's impression of Angela Palmer's Ghost Forest when it is installed in Trafalgar Square on 16 November. It will be there for just six days before being shipped to Copenhagen for the UN climate conference. It will stand in the Thorvaldsens Plads from 7-18 December. When I previewed this project back in June, I took a dim view of it (CLICK). I've since had a couple of comments from people who disagree with me, believing that Angela is making a profound statement about deforestation and climate change. While I admire the commitment, determination and organizational skills which Angela has put into this project, I still can't see it as anything more than a publicity stunt. Firstly, a display of tree stumps is no more art than Greedy Emin's unmade bed, although this artist's impression looks great (CLICK for more). Secondly, the carbon emissions from world shipping is far higher than that from all the airlines of the world. Shipping massive tree stumps about the planet is contributing to climate change, a fact which makes nonsense of Angela's protest. Still, her intentions are good. Pity she couldn't have thought of a less carbon-expensive way of making her point.


At 12/10/09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the fossil fuels she uses is nano compared to the awareness she will achieve, this will therefore contribute to the cutting down of fossil fuels.

At 12/10/09, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

I think she's too late to create awareness. That has already been achieved. (See my answer to the latest comment on Ghost Forest.) So her contribution to climate change, no matter how small, is a waste. She would have done better switching off a light bulb. As Tesco says "Every little helps".


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