Monday, 5 October 2009

Greedy Emin

Have you collected your badge from the Stuckists outside Tate Britain today? Go get it. While you're there, you might ask whether the police porno squad has decided to arrest Sir Nickelarse for allowing a photo of Brooke Shields aged 10, starkers, oiled and wearing makeup, to be shown at Tate Modern (CLICK). If Sir Nick be the King of Crap, Tracey Emin must be the Queen. She's thinking of deserting the UK as a protest against excessive taxation (hitting those earning more than £150,000 with 50% income tax, coming next April). What a hypocrite, trying to pretend her greed is a protest (CLICK)! Go, Tracey, and take your tripe with you. The sooner the better. You're a gross embarrassment to the Brit. art scene.


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