Saturday, 21 November 2009

Ministry of Food

2010 sees the 70th anniversary of the introduction of wartime food rationing, which lasted for 14 years! To mark this occasion the Imperial War Museum London will open a year-long exhibition on 12 February: The Ministry of Food. The slogan "Lend a hand on the land" encouraged Britons to do their bit "Digging for victory". This poster is one of the exhibits: Lend a hand on the land at a farming holiday camp. Some holiday camp! Yet many Londoners too poor to afford an annual holiday went hop-picking in Kent long after World War II. Now they gorge themselves on paella and chips in Spain and flop around like beached whales. Bring back rationing and get Brits fit. Admission: adults £4.95, children £2.50. It should be free.


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