Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Escaping Winter

It must be a tough time of year for the paparazzi, sweltering on tropical beaches while they seek out celebrity refugees from the big freeze disporting themselves in skimpy bikinis. Better still if the celeb goes topless or an octopus snatches her bikini bottom. You can imagine the Daily Mail caption: Ooooh, I've an octopussy in my knickers! The cynical editors of UK newspapers pay handsomely to bemuse their female readers with this sort of thing. The paparazzo who snapped this shot caught a charming image of Tamara Mellon frolicking in the sea with her daughter Minty (short for Araminta) on the Caribbean island of St Barts. But who is this Mellon? A film star? The wife of a European president? No. She's a British shoe mogul cum socialite, one of that army of elite parasites on society who have nothing better to do than increase their wealth and throw lavish parties (CLICK). What does a Mellon care if her jet-setting lifestyle hastens global warming? The name of the game is Make Money, Burn Up The Planet's Resources And Have Fun, Fun, Fun. You didn't seriously expect anything worthwhile to come out of Copenhagen, did you?


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