Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Richard Hamilton

The Serpentine Gallery in London's Kensington Gardens is celebrating 40 years of bringing avant-garde tripe to the bourgeoisie. Today, with a whoop and a holler, it opened Richard Hamilton: Modern Moral Matters, which continues until 25 April. This example of Hamilton's work shows former British Prime Minister Tony Blair as a two-gun cowboy: Shock and Awe (2007-8). Hamilton doesn't do subtle. His political satire looks creaky and humourless against modern artists such as Banky. Still, if you're old enough to remember Hugh Gaitskell, you might enjoy a whiff of nostalgia. And he did pick up 15 million yen (about £70,000) from Prince Hitachi of Japan for winning the Praemium Imperiale 2008 (CLICK). Can't grumble.
Update: CLICK for a BBC video in which the "father of pop art" reflects on his career. And by coincidence....


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