Sunday, 22 August 2010

Van Gogh Disgrace

Egypt's Mahmoud Khalil Museum is in disgrace, having lost Vincent Van Gogh's painting Vase And Flowers (1887) for a second time. The painting was previously stolen in 1978, but recovered a decade later in Kuwait. It turns out that of the museum's 43 security cameras only seven are working! And none of the alarms that should protect individual paintings are operational! Van Gogh's art isn't to my taste, but this painting is unique, is of historic interest and is worth about £32m ($50m). So it deserved better security than this cowboy outfit of a museum afforded it. The curator should be sacked. And how did the thief or thieves know that the painting was unprotected? Inside job? Stolen to order? And has it been damaged beyond repair?


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