Friday, 26 November 2010

The Turnip Prize

The Turnip Prize for bad art, inspired by the Turner Prize, is back again. Tracey Emin's bed instigated the competition in 1999. Trevor Prideaux, landlord of the New Inn in Wedmore, Somerset, organises this annual festival of bad art. Plays on words abound. According to its website "The Turnip Prize is a crap art competition. You can enter anything you like, but it must be rubbish." Sounds just like the Turner Prize doesn't it? This entry is by Bansy, who keeps being rejected for putting too much effort into his work. Click the title link for a Telegraph slideshow of the least stunning entries. The 2010 Turnip Prize champion will be announced on 6 December, the same night that we'll find out which inartistic plonker won the Turner Prize this year.


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