Saturday, 29 January 2011

British Tosh at RA

When I previewed Modern British Sculpture at the Royal Academy of Arts, I wrote that it "promises to be an embarrassingly awful exhibition" (CLICK). The more discerning art critics agree with me. Andrew Graham-Dixon describes it as "lamentable" and points out that it fails to include "many of Britain's best sculptors of the past 100 years". Charles Darwent of The Independent describes as "own goals" the inclusion of works by foreign artists "who largely wipe the floor with their British followers, and in any case got there first". The photo above, taken on press day, shows a very earnest young critic perusing Moneybags Hirst's Let's Eat Outdoors Today (1990-1) full of flies alive and dead. Could he be the art critic of Tiny Tots Magazine? I wonder what he thinks. "Hirst sucks"? That's my boy.


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