Monday, 14 February 2011

Anti-Silvio Protests

It seems the appetite for popular revolutions has reached Europe. Thousands of women marched in Italian cities on Sunday, as did like-minded females in Paris and Madrid, to protest against Spaghetti PM Silvio Berlusconi's treatment of women. A protester in Naples displayed an artificial bottom to make her point. Very artistic, dear, but too flabby for Silvio. Teenage underwear model Noemi Letizia shows off the style of bottom "Papi" prefers. The protesters assert that the PM demeans women, an illogical claim when he obviously enjoys their company, especially when they're 17 years old. He pays them well too: £5,900 ($9,400) to Ruby alone. Will Sunday's protests topple the old boy? We'll have to wait and see. Click the title link to view a BBC slide show.


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