Sunday, 27 February 2011

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is over for another year. Usually my sole interest in this knobbly knees parade for spoilt women with more money than sense is when a supermodel goes arse over tit on the catwalk, but this year I spotted two things of interest. First, BBC Magazine posted an article on the ideal model, a "svelte blonde standing over 6ft with cascading platinum hair, dewy skin, lush lips and chiselled cheekbones" (above). Tall, good shoulders, slim hips and a flat chest are the physical requirements for fashion models. The only problem is that Andrej Pejic is a young man (CLICK). Whoops!

Second, the unrealistic demands on female fashion models shows in the gaunt face and bony shoulders of the anonymous girl on the left, strutting her skinny stuff in London last week. It seems we have learned nothing from Nolita's No Anorexia campaign in 2007 (below) which shows French model Isabelle Caro, who died of anorexia last year, aged 28. Madrid Fashion Week organisers have banned ultra-skinny models and Milan now demands medical certificates for those who are under weight (CLICK). What has London Fashion Week done to protect these young women? As far as I know, nothing.


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